• Text Group Therapy Integrated with Artificial Intelligence.



  • The Net Result:

    The efficacy of therapy with the persistence of a support group, in one place

  • Built to Integrate with Existing Mental Health Providers.

    Fully HIPAA Compliant: Used with healthcare systems, first responders, universities, and more.

    Accessible, on-demand, and stigma-free support for Patients.

    A drastic reduction in barriers to care.

    Patients can reach a group of 5-7 peers who can relate anytime from the palm of their hand. Text-based support is conducted under a pseudonym to remove the fear of judgement, allowing undeserved and stigmatized patients to find care from those who can relate, 24/7.

    Increased efficiency with real-time monitoring for Providers.

    All your providers working together online.

    Integrated diagnostic forms, notes, handouts, and polls for easy patient assessments and care. Seamlessly refer patients between psychiatrists, case managers, therapists, and more.

    Analytics, early detection, and reduced costs for Institutions.

    Allowing your current providers to do more.

    Our algorithms run on user texts to alert human moderators of patients in crisis, allowing for real-time intervention. These tools also track patients over time, providing an objective means to assess progress and catch issues before they emerge.

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